What We Do
Sprocket is the next generation digital currency exchange platform. Allowing traders world wide to transact amongst our network of exchanges in a convenient, secure and efficient manner - removing the need for several accounts and giving access to nearly unlimited liquidity.

Fred Thiel
Chairman & CEO
Matthew Hetland
Johannes Rietschel
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi
Chief Compliance Officer
Ken Cragun
Chief Financial Officer
Jeffrey Marks
General Counsel
Olafur Thor Vihjalmsson
SVP Financial Institution Partnerships
Max Chmyshuk
SVP Institutional Investor Relations

Eva Thiel
Sagar Sarbhai
Mark Florman
Milo B. Sprague
Henrique Corrêa da Silva
Frode L. Odegard
Stephan Goss
Primož Kordež